Welcome to my site!  My name is Lisa Ailport and I am a photographer local to Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry specializing in portrait, family photography and horses.   I especially enjoy capturing family and family life.  It is some times the subtle, almost whimsical moments, between moments, that are the most memorable to capture and put on display for us to remember from.  I endeavor to capture both the fleeting and present moments of today, for you to enjoy tomorrow and years to come!

I also have a fond place in my heart for horses, everything horse really!  As a young girl horses were my world, and now as an adult I get to live out my dream of riding and photographing them.  I love to capture their movement, their emotion and their beauty. You’ll notice a smattering of horse photos throughout my collection of images.  If you love horses as much as I do and you want to me to capture you and them, then just holler.  Its rare that I turn down the opportunity capture both the majestic horse, and its owner!


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